Les Bohèmes

We know you may have more questions for you to make your decision to come and join us. Therefore we have listed the most asked enquiries from our lovely guests whilst registering.

Is my deposit refundable?

No, deposit payments are non-refundable.

How does the payment plan work?

You pay your deposit when you register and book, you will receive details regarding the payment date for the next three months of installments.

What is the cancellation policy?

50% of payments excluding the deposit, will be refunded up to 6 weeks before the event. Within 6 weeks of the event, no refunds will be given.

How do I pay?

You can pay via this website or direct with Paypal. Alternatively you can pay by wire bank transfer, contact us for the details.

When will I receive my itinerary?

The full itinerary will be sent one month before the event. The sample days are outlined in the individual retreat pages on this website.

How do I organize my shuttle transfer to the venue?

We will arrange your transportation to and from the venue once you provide us with your travel details.

Do you cater for vegan meals?

Yes, our menus can offer vegan & gluten free dishes.

Will I be able to visit the city on my trip?

Yes, we have a free day within our schedule for you to do as you please.

How many people will be attending the retreat?

The retreat attendance is up to 12 participants.

What do I bring?

We advise attendees to bring: personal toiletries, good walking shoes, a rain jacket or umbrella, sun hat, swimwear, waterproof sandals, a yoga mat, spending money, casual clothing and smart casual wear for the welcome and wrap dinner. We also detail this in your account, when you book.

When do I book my add ons to my package?

You can book your extra treatments and activities when you arrive at the retreat.

I am travelling alone, will I be ok on the retreat by myself?

Most of our lovely guests travel by themselves and make great lifelong connections and friendships. If you choose a sharing package, you will be paired with another guest on arrival.

I have ailments or injuries, will I still be able to attend?

Yes, you will need to fill in a medical and lifestyle questionnaire which will be forwarded onto our practitioners who will advise you throughout, on how to manoeuvre any physical issues you have. This may mean sitting out certain activities.

Do I have to partake in every activity?

No, you are able to sit out on any workshop, class or trip. However in order to gain the full experience of the retreat and get your money’s worth we would recommend you attend as many activities as possible.

What meals should I expect?

Throughout the week we serve low glycaemic carbs, low salt, low fat, non dairy, no sugar, pescatarian and vegetarian tasty meals. For the restaurant meal, you may order what you choose.

Will there be Wifi at the accommodation?

There is Wifi at all of the venues we stay in, however please take into consideration the remoteness of our locations and that the reception may not be as strong as in the city areas.

What electrical adapters will I need?

Each venue is equipped with electrical adapters for every region to use phone chargers or laptop plugs etc.

Will I need a vaccination?

We advise you to consult your general practitioner and government embassy's website to check if medication is required to travel to the destination.

Attend an upcoming retreat

I really enjoyed the retreat especially meeting so many wonderful people. The setting was amazing. Chef Delroy was incredible—loved his meals!!! Keep me posted on your next retreat.

—CAROL, St. Lucia 2014

Thanks for a wonderful retreat which was so well arranged. You have collected a fantastic team of people to support us.

—BHUPINDER, St. Lucia 2015

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