Les Bohèmes Healthfulness Retreats™


Imagine yourself on a magical island starting your day with fresh coconut water and sweet locally picked fruits. Collecting your thoughts on the veranda of your private cottage in the lush green hills. Swimming under the warm mineral waterfalls, after your hike through a botanical terrain, breathing the refreshing scent of the tropical trees and flowers. Cooking with the finest chefs amongst the melodic sounds of exotic birds and streams. And watching the pink sunset whilst stretching into your last yoga position.

Imagine clearing your mind from the everyday stresses, pushing through personal barriers to create the life you want for yourself. Loving your body, through gentle exercise and a superfood rich diet to achieve optimum health and a balanced weight. Imagine taking time out to hideaway amid the breathtaking scenery, to align your spiritual self and tap into your greatness.

Les Bohèmes’ healthfulness retreats will be the first week of your new life!™

We spent an amazing week at the St Lucia retreat, led by Rina who radiated the wonderful awe-inspiring nurturing energy of the island. The joy of our workshop guides Mark, Ashley, Marilyn & Susan was a delight to all the participants of this retreat, we were left with the feeling, that beauty is best shared!

—YOAV (USA), St. Lucia 2014

It has been hard to be home after such a fulfilling and nurturing week...in such splendid surroundings. I'm missing St. Lucia... It is really apparent that you love what you do, and you really took such great care of us all. I meant to say how much I appreciated the goody bag too, so thoughtful and practical!

—MANDI (UK), St. Lucia 2014

Attending for a second time was as enjoyable as the first. Met up with friends made the years before and new friends. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to join in group activities or even if you tend to be a loner. This is the ideal way of finding out how enjoyable it can be within a group of people whom you never have met. Had you not attended. A most enjoyable experience.

—HAZELANNE (UK), St. Lucia 2015

I am so grateful for this retreat and the beautiful island of St. Lucia. The villa was beautiful; it felt like home. And all of the people who participated made it even richer!! Our yoga instructors were full of love and did such a great job of listening to and encouraging us. We laughed, cried, and danced together...what an amazing experience!! This retreat was absolutely life changing for me; it was the reset I needed to be better!!

—CONNIE (USA), St. Lucia 2015

It's been a fantastic week, very relaxing, exactly I needed after a stressful few months. It's a lovely house, great food, the yoga was fantastic, the salsa was great fun and all the teachers were fantastic.

—RAJIV (UK), St. Lucia 2015

I want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the incredible experience you provided in Zanzibar. I benefited from such peace and healing. Thank you, thank you for all the idyllic moments: the painting on the beach with you and Eden, the cooking class, the chats, emotional sharing, Prison Island and of course all that glorious food!

—Natasha (South Africa), Zanzibar 2016

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All photography and videos are actual footage of Les Bohèmes' retreats.
Photography throughout the website by Shamar Marcus, Daniel Msirikale, Michael Carter & Saddi Khali.