Peach Titanium Drops


A little goes a mighty long way with these sweet little studs. Just a bit of twinkle goes perfectly with absolutely any ensemble, super casual to super posh! Natural druzy agates with 22 karat electro-gold plate. 100% hypoallergenic and nickel-free. Approximately 8mm; push backs.


Many semiprecious stones and 'druzy' agates are susceptible to direct sunlight, thus prolonged exposure is discouraged to help maintain their color and clarity. While wearing pieces that contain any gemstones please make sure to avoid any high impact activities (contact sports for example) and/or to be cognizant of your piece if you should encounter a risk-prone area. We make custom creations that are built to withstand reasonable contact but most certainly can't guarantee your piece won't shatter or crack if hit with another hard item, if a necklace is tugged at by a sweet but rambunctious toddler or if an item is repeatedly dropped on the ground. Again, common sense is key so please take care when donning your gemstones: Be good to them and they will most certainly be good to you!

While gold plate is more susceptible to the elements than gold filled metal, our electro-gold plating process allows the strongest adhesion of gold particles to chemically bond with base metal; typically a steel or brass alloy and always 100% nickel and cadmium free. It's also a higher gold weight/content (24K as opposed to 14K Gold) and is electrically bonded as opposed to 'steam plated'- the method still used by many fashion (costume) jewelry makers. Please take care to especially avoid moisture including excess perspiration as this can cause the plating to prematurely erode. Also depending on your skin's pH/acid content, make sure to keep skin free from excess impurities and irritants such as alcohol (i.e. hand sanitizers) or heavy perfume and lotions. Otherwise, your electro-plated pieces should bring many ensembles to life with endless style. When these pieces do begin to age, the Metal should fade very gradually and even look a bit richer as time goes on.