Peach Moonstone Lariat


Why make a forgettable impression when you can let it linger for a long while... This exceptional and versatile large 'Y-necklace' will become your latest obsession, the perfect finishing touch to most any ensemble, anytime, anywhere. Another “loop n' twig” design to slip through and adjust to any length, from 18”- 42”L. The metal is shimmering yet subdued 14 Karat Gold Filled sturdy metal. The hand soldered continuous loop features a tiny wire-wrapped faceted pyrite along with a complimenting and stunning pyrite embellished ‘twig’ all set upon a Peach moonstone Rosary-style chain. Get a closer look and dare for a choker style by doubling around the neck. Make your best look last, as you get the most out of this unique piece.

Approximately 42" Longest; Though Fully Adjustable


Many semiprecious stones and 'druzy' agates are susceptible to direct sunlight, thus prolonged exposure is discouraged to help maintain their color and clarity. While wearing pieces that contain any gemstones please make sure to avoid any high impact activities (contact sports for example) and/or to be cognizant of your piece if you should encounter a risk-prone area. We make custom creations that are built to withstand reasonable contact but most certainly can't guarantee your piece won't shatter or crack if hit with another hard item, if a necklace is tugged at by a sweet but rambunctious toddler or if an item is repeatedly dropped on the ground. Again, common sense is key so please take care when donning your gemstones: Be good to them and they will most certainly be good to you!

While wearing, take care not to expose the metal to excess moisture (especially thinner delicate chain) as this can cause tarnishing. Should tarnish arise you may use any jewelry polishing cloth to gently massage the metal and remove discoloration. Remember we live amongst many natural elements that just aren't metal's friend, especially water and carbon. So to avoid exposure to excess moisture, do remove pieces prior to sleeping, swimming and showering, or if you should happen to find yourself around a fabulous bonfire- sounds fantastic, but excess carbon and heat will reak havoc on your glistening gold filled metal. NEVER attempt to submerse delicate chain in water as well as any solution for cleaning or use any heavy cleaning solvents. Normal wear is to be expected as the skin with its sodium content and varied pH balance will naturally cause metal to deepen in color and wear over time while typically maintaining its beauty and natural lustre. Store pieces separately whenever possible in an airtight bag or natural fiber cloth. This will also lessen reaction to elements and minimize oxidation and thus tarnishing greatly.