Zanzibar Healthfulness Retreat

Past Retreat: 22nd–29th October 2018

It’s been a few days since the retreat, but Zanzibar is still fresh in my mind and I feel I can still smell the island’s ocean air.

We had a lovely retreat and once again Faith kicked off the week’s programme with an intuitive and gracious opening circle where we all spoke about why we were there and set our intentions for the week. Faith’s teaching program was based around the ‘elements’.

Saturday was a fun and packed day. First, we visited the Seaweed Centre in Paje for a tour, where we walked out into the ocean at low tide to watch one of the local women farming seaweed. Then we walked in the blazing sun to a production workshop to see how they make the seaweed into the products they offer. To cool us down we were offered their signature ice cold seaweed juice.

The highlight for us all was clearing out their shop at the end of the tour because we bought up all their stock on the shelves! The profits go directly to the women who farm and produce the natural skincare line. The brand has achieved many international stockists of their wonderful soaps, oils, scrubs and butters all made seaweed and natural ingredients. I’m excited to have been added to their list and will be selling the Seaweed Centre’s products on the launch of our website's shop next month.

Next was a 20 minute ride north of Paje to the Rock restaurant for our wrap lunch. It's situated meters out in the Indian Ocean and since there was low tide, we were able to walk to the eatery. It was a different story when we left after enjoying a wonderful seafood lunch and cocktails. We had the take a paddle boat back in the warm waters to shore as the tide returned whilst we ate.

Once again it was really nice to have Shamar’s presence for the duration, documenting our experience with his drone and other fancy camera equipment. We all embraced him like a younger brother and protected his equipment when he wondered off flying his drone. We all can’t wait to see the images and final video he captured of Zanzibar.

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Dish of the Day

Lentil samosas and coconut chutney

Dish of the Day

Pineapple flambé

Such a fabulous time, full of unexpected surprises.

—DAWN (USA), Zanzibar 2018

Zanzibar has been an incredible experience and a vibrant reminder of what fills the soul. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to have shared the week with a community of beautiful, brave, strong, kind and joyous women. This week has been grounding, relaxing and inspiring.

—RACHEL (USA), Zanzibar 2018

My retreat sistas, many thanks for the incredible week-long journey we were on together. I appreciate all of you and could not ask for a better group. Shamar for taking the pics and putting up with our crazy. Rina for organizing this wonderful retreat and Faith for keeping us spiritually grounded.

—PATRICIA (USA), Zanzibar 2018

Photography throughout the website by Shamar Marcus, Daniel Msirikale, Michael Carter & Saddi Khali.