St. Lucia Healthfulness Retreat

Past Retreat:  6th – 13th March 2019

Aside from the great programme for the week. The standout day for me was the day we took a boat to a private beach near Mamin. We brought our marinated food, drinks, ice, charcoal and set up a fire for a barbecue right there on the beach. We had the beach all to ourselves for the day and we even managed the fit in some snorkelling in the warm sea.

The boat ride was also a great trip, we had amazing views of the Pitons.

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Dish of the Day

Barbecued Mahi Mahi

Dish of the Day

Green Banana & Salted Cod

The space you created within this retreat was incredible and to be surrounded by lovely women from all walks of life was even better. I can’t express just how incredible this retreat has been for me and how grateful I am!

—KELLYANN (GERMANY), St. Lucia 2018

Loved going into town, thank you for the love that you put into the space and being accommodating so that we had a fabulous retreat.

—ANGELA (USA), St. Lucia 2018

This whole experience was quite lovely, I was able to participate in new experiences and step outside of myself to learn a lot. Thank you!

—Michael (USA), St. Lucia 2019

Thank you again for giving me such a wonderful taste of Lucian life and your kind hospitality. Keep in touch!

—Nisha (UK), St. Lucia 2019

Photography throughout site by Shamar Marcus, Daniel Msirikale, Michael Carter & Saddi Khali.